About Us

Hey y'all!  My name is Gabby, owner here at 41 North.  I've been in the coffee industry for 15 years now.  I am also a registered dietitian and baker.  I LOVE to bake, got it from my momma!  Being a registered dietitian, coffee lover, and baker has allowed me to create our menu here at 41.  When I am at home, you can probably find me in the kitchen baking.  Fun fact!  Our white chicken chili I created one Fall for my church small groups chili cook off.  As I was adding ingredients to the pot I wrote the recipe on the back of an envelope- which I still use.  Those recipes are my favorite.  It's not just food, it's the story attached to it.  From my moms over 30 year old quiche recipe, to the furniture I chose for the cafe.
I have a big family.  When we would all get together to eat we'd often have to pull a few tables together.  For this reason I knew I needed to have a large farmhouse style table.  So that families, whatever size, can enjoy each other's company just as we did together.
Everything at 41 has a story- and I'd love to share more with you.  It's not just coffee, it's community, and that is my real passion.


xo Gabby

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